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Honeysuckle Cottage/Childcare threat to normal business practice.

There was on the 10/01/2017 a planning application put in to NWLDC by the occupiers of Birch Cottage.  

The purpose of the application is to demolish the existing Birch Cpttage and replace it with a property more than twice the size than the existing cottage.

They would be expected to provide three parking spaces on the development site and they propose to access the site via the access immediately adjacent to the front northern face of Honeysuckle Cottage.

As you will be aware a "Tomlin Order" put into place in June 2006 prevents parking along the length of the drive, there is one condition allowed by the occupiers of Honeysuckle Cottage which allows the occupiers of Birch Cottage a 1hr parking permission to offload groceries weekly.

As you are also aware there is a "Ransom Strip" (2ft drop) immediately adjacent to the eastern facing gable end of Birch Cottage.  This "Ransom Syrip" cannot be tampered with by anyone other than the owners of Honeysuckle Cottage.

We are therefore confident that increased traffic movements will not take place as a direct result of this planning application because "It would amount to interference with our enjoyment of the drive", in line with the conditions of the "Tomlin Order".

We therefore trust that no interference to the running of our childcare facility will take place.


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